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Scotland might be small, but when you get here, there are actually a lot of destinations on your average Scotland travel bucket list.
So how will you visit Inverness, Loch Ness and the Isle of Skye in a mere 4 days?
Here is a classic Inverness Scotland tour itinerary sample to give you an idea of how to see the major touristy spots in Scotland without having to sweat it!
Scotland is the kind of place where you could travel around for weeks and weeks and you still haven’t seen it all. So when tourists come to the region, we always recommend seeing the famous spots so they can tell their friends they’ve experienced them too. And when they get the chance to come the second time around, then it would be nice if they’d discover Inverness like an adventurous backpacker who’s searching for the hidden jewels that aren’t published online.
There is no denying that you don’t always have months to spare to travel a place, so finding a way of squeezing as much of Inverness as possible in less than a week becomes a skill for many people planning a trip to Scotland. But for first timers, this can be very challenging.
And this is why we are here.
The IT Tours will help you find the best places to see on your first visit in Scotland. To give you an idea, here is a sample of Inverness Scotland tours itinerary for 4 days:


The Isle of Skye requires more than a day of touring, especially if you want to visit such iconic places like the Dunvegan Castle or the lighthouse at Neist Point. This tour will be long so we advise you to start early if you can.
First Stop: Trotternish Peninsula
The Trotternish Peninsula alone could take up a whole day because this is where some of Skye’s most popular landmarks are located. It lies north of Portree and here you will find the Old Man of Storr, Kilt Rock, Mealt Falls and the moon-like landscape of the Quiraing.
Next Stop: Dunvegan Castle

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