Urquhart Castle & Loch Ness Tour

You don’t need to believe in the Loch Ness Monster to enjoy a trip to magnificent Loch Ness. This 3-hour tour will take you to the banks of Scotland’s most famous watery landmark, where you can marvel at the Loch’s dramatic views as well breathe in the area’s history that’s as deep and dark as the waters of the Loch itself. This area is a must-see for anyone who wants to understand what makes Scotland such a unique destination, where breathtaking landscapes meet thrilling episodes of historical significance and importance.
The Loch Ness Monster is said to roam these dark waters and whilst only a few lucky folks have caught a glimpse of the beastie as it snakes its way through the depths of the Loch, you may be one of the fortunate few. The views that surround the loch are world famous and many a traveller has been beguiled by the hills and forests that surround the mysterious body of water.
Watching over the cold waters of the Loch is the commanding presence of Urquhart Castle. This centuries-old fort saw many a warrior pass through its doors and was a crucial site during the Jacobite rebellion that claimed so many Highland lives. The castle not only features wonderful views over Loch Ness, but it also boasts a huge number of historical artefacts and replicas that help tell the story of the history of the castle and the people that inhabited it. The castle even has a full-sized, working trebuchet as well as many weapons that would have been used throughout Scotland’s turbulent history.

3 Hours Private Tour

£117 for an executive car with driver/guide that will take 3 to 4 passengers comfortably
£141 for a minibus with driver/guide that will take 8 passengers comfortably
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